Open Source

Handwritten generation

Correct Prediction for the 2018 World Cup!

yarlp (yet another reinforcement learning package)

Implementations of A2C, DDQN, PG, CEM.

BeamRider Breakout Pong
QBert Seaquest SpaceInvaders

joint image-text embeddings using Canonical Correlations Analysis

Introduction to Reinforcement Learning by Sutton & Barto, Solutions to 1st Edition

Solutions to the 1st edition. Watch a video on the race car problem!

Sinkhorn Knopp

Convert non-negative square matrices with total support into doubly stochastic matrices.

>> import numpy as np
>> from sinkhorn_knopp import sinkhorn_knopp as skp
>> sk = skp.SinkhornKnopp()
>> P = [[.011, .15], [1.71, .1]]
>> P_ds =
>> print P_ds
    [[ 0.06102561  0.93897439]
    [ 0.93809928  0.06190072]]
>> print np.sum(P_ds, axis=0)
    [ 0.99912489  1.00087511]
>> print np.sum(P_ds, axis=1)
    [ 1.,  1.]

Climate Change Chatbot


Kimchi Ventures

A company that hosts kimchi making experiences in NYC.



Tried to use GarageBand.