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A cross country ski trip I wanted to take in Norway got cancelled due to COVID. So I figured I would go bike camping in Maine, socially distancing and getting a good break from the city.

I didn’t have all the gear I would want, but after watching a few videos about Ed Pratt riding a unicycle around the world and Ryan Duzer riding a cruise bike across the USA, I realized that all you really need is a bike and a tent.

4 days and ~250 miles later, I was quite happy with my decision to leap into the bikepacking world.

Kennebunkport to Damariscotta - Day 1

Starting off.

Figuring stuff out.

Off to Portland.



This was super delicious.

Damariscotta to Belfast - Day 2


Off to a happy start.

Why isn't the rain stopping?

At least there is lobster roll in Belfast.

I should note that we were actually planning to bike all the way up to Schoodic on day 2. This didn’t happen obviously, mostly due to the weather.

Belfast to Damariscotta - Day 3

It’s still raining…

That was pretty much the whole day.

Damariscotta to Kennebunkport - Day 4

Heading back, hoping for some good weather.


After getting a flat, I popped off the back wheel and started doing a routine tube change. I didn’t realize this at the time, but all the weight from my paniers broke my back axle. The ball bearings fell right out of the hub. We walked 2 miles (luckily) to the nearest bike shop to get a new axle.

Walking to the bike shop.


We still made it to Portland, thanks to Bath Cycle and Ski for fixing my back axle.

Bite into Maine.

Bite into Maine lobster rolls are the best I tried in Maine so far. Be sure to check them out next time you’re in Portland, Maine!

Here is a pic of the full rig with my Trek 660 and the unsaddle:

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