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I have wanted to start a ramen log for a while now. To finally kick it off, I decided to eat 3 bowls of ramen this past Thursday. It was heavenly.

In this blog post, I plan to log every bowl of ramen I eat and to take pictures along the way. Many of the ramen spots will be in NYC since I live here, but I’m not restricting myself to the city.

Without further ado, here are The Ramen Logs™️ ranked in order of my preference.

1. Ramen Ishida - NY, 10/10

Tokyo Shoyu Shio

Ramen Ishida simply lives in another dimension. Nothing is a compromise. Not only does Ishida care deeply about his broth and noodles, he cares about how you feel before, during, and after eating his ramen. Ramen Ishida deserves to be on a list all by itself because I have not tried a better bowl of ramen in my life.

I recommend starting with the Tokyo Shoyu or Classic Shio to get a clean taste of Ishida’s style. Then try the Spicy Mushroom with ground pork (this has 100% mushroom based broth!). Finally try the vegan ramen and have your mind blown all over again. Ramen could be vegan? Yes, and Ishida makes no compromise in flavor or texture. Ingredients are locally sourced and carefully selected to be tasty and healthy.

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11/29/2018 Tokyo Shoyu, Shio I was reminded once again how amazing Ishida is

2. Minca - NY, 5/10

Miso Ebi Gyoza Wafoo Shio

Minca is where my innocent young soul first discovered ramen. The place is cozy, the broths are delicious, and the noodles are nice a chewy. Sadly the egg was completely overcooked. Nevertheless Minca has one of my favorite miso ramens. The ebi gyoza is some of the best I’ve had. Come here for a nice dinner with friends.

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11/29/2018 Miso ramen, Wafoo Shio Back to basics, tasty broth. Egg overcooked!

3. Tabetomo - NY, 3.2/10

Tsukemen More tsukemen  

I was about to go to Ivan ramen, but the long lines deterred me and my friends. We decided to go to Tabetomo instead due to the soft opening. I was really excited by the photos and ambiance on yelp! The restaurant has a cozy feel with elegant and minimalist Japanese decor. Unfortunately, the ramen wasn’t for me.

First off, I do have to say that the tonkotsu broth was nice and thick. The noodles were equally thick, but a bit too chewy. I was repeatedly disappointed that the noodles wouldn’t soak up the broth and they filled me up too fast. The toppings didn’t really shine through. The chashu itself was not as melt-in-my-mouth as I would’ve liked and didn’t have a charred or otherwise distinctive flavor. Overall I couldn’t finish the broth at the end, but I didn’t feel like I wanted to either. The saving grace was the delicious egg! I still remember that bite of egg with chashu and broth as I write this, delicious. As far as the Tsukemen, I tasted what others had gotten and there was consistently too much vinegar and salt in their broths. Good thing I went with the Jiro ramen, but I’m not sure I’ll be back soon.

Come to Tabetomo if you want a heavy meal, go to Ishida if you want refined ramen that is actually digestable.

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12/05/2018 Tonkotsu Chashu Jiro Ramen, and Tonkotsu Tsukemen Thick broth and thick noodles, but a bit too much for me.

4. Mr. Taka - NY, 3/10

Tonkotsu Chicken/Bonito Wonton

I wish Mr. Taka tasted as good as its ambiance. The chicken and bonito broth tasted too much like bonito. The tonkotsu broth was a bit light and had too much raw garlic on the bottom. The noodles fell flat and didn’t really soak up the broth. I found the specialty bowls a bit gimmicky (wontons in the ramen, meh). Nevertheless, Mr. Taka is passable, but the crowds should really just go next door to Ramen Ishida.

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11/29/2018 Tonkotsu, Wonton Special Chicken/Fish broth Reminded me how much I prefer Ishida
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