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1. Tokyo

Sushi Daiwa at Tsukiji Fish Market Ramen at Shimokitazawa

2. Ueda

Zensanji Temple pickled plum and shiso, Warabi mochi, and matcha

3. Nagano

Zenkoji Temple, Kaidan Meguri Seriously good Matcha soft serve

4. Matsumoto

the taste of castles?

5. Kamikochi

fresh mountain air

6. Shirahone

the taste of Sulfur

7. Yakedake


8. Takayama

Probably the best beef sushi I'll ever have

9. Kyoto

Gagaku Maiko I love matcha

10. Nara

Todaiji, guess what's inside? sunbathing

11. Kagoshima

So fast

Getting the hell out of there, Sakurajima

12. Zamami

Seriously healthy dogs:

Shiro - dog statue that matches Maririn on Zamami. Found at the port. Shiro was a famous dog that swam from Aka to Zamami to be with another dog (Maririn) that he “liked”. They had three litters of puppies together and a movie was made about them.

I don’t think I could swim that myself:

Mozuku soba, classic Zamami

Check out this blog on those noodles

way too much coral I couldn't get pics of...but walking on the beach is also nice!


13. Naha


If you’re ever in Naha get Kimbap here!

14. Hiroshima

enough said...

15. Kanazawa

fish market

16. Nagano Again!

Yes it's seriously that good

This matcha soft serve was so good, I had to go back… Simply stated, it may be the best matcha soft serve in the world.

17. Fuji!!

Just creds: Inna Shteinbuk

taking a stroll

Checking out the view

18. Tokyo

Hayakawa was an amazing culinary experience


Gotta get that Japanese denim

I personally thought Daiwa Sushi was better than Sushi Dai…

Sushi Dai at Tsukiji


I will miss you Japan!

Photo creds to @innahideko

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